Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a fun game to learn. is a good place to learn the rules of the game, how to play Caribbean stud poker and Caribbean poker strategy for playing at online casinos. The downside of Caribbean stud poker is that the casino advantage, also known as house edge, is quite high. In fact, the house edge in Caribbean poker is one of the highest compared to other casino games. The upside of playing Caribbean stud poker is the progressive jackpot which pays out very big to the lucky player that gets it.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a fairly easy game to learn how to play. To play Caribbean Stud, you will place a bet on the table known as an ante. After placing your ante, the dealer will deal out five cards to each player at the table and also deal 5 cards to himself. Next the dealer turns one of their cards face up and the players are allowed to look at their cards. At this time you must decide whether or not to play your hand out or fold and forfeit your original ante. To continue with your hand you must place a second wager which is twice the ante bet. After all of the players at the table have either folded or placed their second bets the dealer will then turn over the rest of their cards and compare their hands to the remaining player hands.

There is a catch however. To win a hand at Caribbean Stud Poker, the dealer must have what is known as a qualifying hand. This means the dealer’s hand must have at least an Ace/King or better. In the times when the dealer doesn’t hold an Ace/King or better hand all bets are voided and the players will receive even money on only on their original ante bet. This is a big factor in the high house edge in Caribbean Stud. This sucks if you were dealt a winning hand and the dealer has nothing. The catch for the player is the progressive jackpot bet. It helps offset the high house edge by offering high payouts to players that placed a third bet on the progressive jackpot and have a winning hand of a flush or higher. When players place a wager on the progressive jackpot they will get paid and win money regardless of the dealer’s hand.

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